Virtual Reality

A twelve year old mouse boy
wearing white tube socks and sandals
sits fidgeting at a desk in the public library.
His hair looks like he bit the dust
in his sleep and forgot to look
himself in the face before leaving home.
His blue jeans are held up high
by a construction zone of tensile cables
and scaffolding at work on his manhood.

On his computer screen, a shiny video game
dashes with an endless two dimensional repeating background,
where he taps a dirt bike to the right, and
launches off an illogical hill
into more back flips than are physically possible
in this actual world.
He crashes on purpose to watch a featureless man
fling like a wrecking ball cut from its crane.

He is distracted as a fully structured woman struts by.
She is of the caliber that is showcased
only behind video game store glass.
His eyes are locked on her breasts.
He is spinning them in his mind
like the wheels of a dirt bike.
He is tapping her right arrow key and ramping her
into exactly enough back flips before landing
in his virtual world.
He knows exactly what he is doing.
The library stacks are his track
and he navigates them for knowledge of how
not to wake up in a world of too much reality.


~ by josephmchugh on October 28, 2008.

2 Responses to “Virtual Reality”

  1. yo. Joe. I appreciated the “fully structured” comment …I always enjoy when new phrases are put forth to describe people in such ways. It makes you stop to actually think about what the two words are actually saying as opposed to when we see a hackneyed phrase and we just skip over it knowing “exactly” what it means.

    Also, I really enjoyed how it started with a “mouse boy” – it got my happy juices flowing quickly.

  2. Hah happy juices.

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