Kyle Lives in California

I went to California once with my family, which means we didn’t do much. My family consists of home bodies that watch TV and have quiet hobbies such as gardening, sudoku, and rage-bottling. We were staying in Las Vegas visiting my dad’s brother’s family, who moved there in a whimsical attempt to run their own baskin robbins (it failed). We rented a bland family vehicle and drove it quietly to San Diego, whereupon we parked somewhere unassuming, got out and walked around a bit, then left. California is crazy!

Kyle lives in California. I don’t know where in California. Kyle says he reads stuff I write here; good job Kyle. Brodzky is Kyle’s last name.

California is a huge piece of land with tons of landforms and climates, and plant and animal species, but people tend to bring up homosexuality or Hollywood when California is mentioned. It is the April 5, 2013 and people probably won’t always talk so much about homosexuality or Hollywood, but nowadays they do. I WANNA HEAR ABOUT MOUNTAINS AND SUPERTREES.

The human brain, the higher portion at least, tends to be attracted to big ideas and stories. I’ve been thinking a lot about the nature of telling stories, or even more simply, communicating one’s own perspective. All creatures come with factory installed selfishness. That’s how creatures keep themselves alive, by taking care of their needs way more than the needs of others. And that’s fine. There’s nothing wrong with that. But human creatures developed higher brains which allow us to think outside of ourselves, and to have empathy for other creatures that have virtually the same brains, the same needs, the same capacity for suffering and happiness. The higher brain also forms stories and creates an identity for itself, and it craves information of that nature, and we rarely just conjure up information, we have to get it from other brains. So here we are at telling stories and sharing one’s own perspective. Kyle said he reads stuff I write here so I suppose this is not a total waste of time, like I often tell myself. Thanks Kyle.


~ by josephmchugh on April 5, 2013.

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