Public Dirt

I went walking during my lunch break and there was a guy by himself shouting “Chicago. Illinois. Chicago. Illinois. Chicago…” He was standing up against a short carved stone wall, his street podium. He was looking at people in the face as they walked by and I smiled at him.

It was warm and bright and I was squinting. I walked toward what once was a park. There were tremendous yellow vehicles redoing the ground. The vehicles looked like the arms of a god’s bored child, no visible pattern to the movements. Presumably, some people met in a room and decided the ground should be moved a lot. The ground was not good the way it was. Summon the child of the god and it shall sit on the ground and juggle the ground for a while. Instruct the god to remain casual and to let its child get dirty.

Walking back to work, I saw the same guy shouting in public. This time he was shouting that people can’t pay for education, and the ones who can, aren’t getting educated. He was pushing his eyes toward the eyes of others with a strange reserved intensity. No one’s eyes met his. I tried to give him mine for a moment, but I saw no real intensity in his. Just a glancing vacuum.


~ by josephmchugh on April 22, 2013.

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